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Practice Accommodation Updates

November 2016

Unfortunately we have not been selected to receive any funding from the Estates and Technology Transformation Fund at this time. The Practice will continue to look at ways in which we can make the necessary improvements to the building. The Clinical Commissioning Group understand how disappointed the Practice is with the decision that has been made around funding and are helping us to look at how we can progress further.

June 2016

Further to previous communications regarding our bid submission, the Ivy Practice decided on Wednesday that they wished to submit a joint bid with the Jubilee Practice for the Estates and Technology Transformation Fund. The Joint bid was discussed at the Primary Care Co-Commissioning Meeting yesterday and this has been successful in securing nomination from the CCG . Both practices will now have an amount of work to do before the bid is submitted to NHS England.

We will continue to keep you updated with progress of the bid and building plans.

May 2016
There was a meeting on Wednesday 18th May to discuss the future of Lowdham Health Centre. Present at the meeting was Dr Claire Hatton of the Jubilee Practice, patient representatives, Nottingham CityCare, Parish, District and County Councillors and Dr Bill Muir.

The current position is that an NHS building survey and the Care Quality Commission have stated that the existing surgery is no longer adequate. Consideration has been given to building a new medical centre which could house both the Jubilee and Ivy Practices but, due to the shortage of land, any such development would have to be outside Lowdham or on the very edge of the village. This would create problems of accessibility for many residents of Lowdham. After consulting with patients, Dr Hatton had put forward a plan to continue her practice in the existing location and to improve both the building and range of services that she could provide by entering into a partnership with Nottingham CityCare. With the assistance of CityCare, Dr Hatton has produced plans for development of the existing surgery. Dr Muir is the freehold owner and landlord and he has agreed to the improvements. The plans have been supplied to Dr Panesar of The Ivy Medical Group but he has yet to make a decision on the issues facing both of his surgery sites. The Nottingham North and East Clinical Commissioning Group (which controls NHS spending) had stipulated that it needed both practices to agree a way forward and the differing aspirations has meant that it was impossible to proceed with either proposal.

Some months have passed since the original plans were prepared and Dr Hatton felt that it was important to make progress. This was particularly important because she wished to make a bid for funding for the works from the Estates and Technology Transformation Fund. The application had to be made by 21st May and it is important that the opportunity is not missed. Dr Panesar had been invited to participate in the bidding process but had said that he was still undecided and he also declined an invitation to attend the meeting. Dr Hatton and CityCare had, therefore, decided that The Jubilee Practice had no alternative but to submit a bid for funding. Dr Hatton told the meeting that she believed that she had to act in the interests of her patients to secure the provision of quality medical care in the centre of Lowdham. However, she stressed that the plans were still at a formative stage and she is happy to include the Ivy Practice in the bid should Dr Panesar decide at a future date that he wished to participate in the scheme.

If you wish to view the draft plans and sign a letter of support, these will be available in The Jubilee Practice reception.

December 2015
We continue to work on looking for a possible solution which will enable the surgery to stay in the current site but have a vastly improved building which is able to provide a greater range of services for our patients.

We have had a set of contractors look at the current building who have confirmed that it will be possible to get all that we need, and more from this building and so we are trying to see if we can make that a reality. We are continuing to work with the CCG, NHS England and the landlord of the building to ensure that the building meets the correct requirements. The Ivy Medical Group has been informed of our ideas and meetings are taking place to see if they want to be a part of this solution.

August 2015
The Jubilee Practice would like to keep their patients up-to-date with the progress and developments surrounding our building.

As most of you will be aware over two years ago we started plans to deliver a compliant, modern and spacious building for both practices in Lowdham to work from. Initially the direction of these plans was towards building a new surgery just outside the village. We spent a considerable amount of time working with the Parish Council, NHS England and the Ivy practice in investigating all possibilities around this.

At the end of last year however two things became clear. Firstly our patients told us how concerned they were about the practicalities of a new surgery sited outside the village on a busy main road. Secondly that building a new building was going to be a very time consuming exercise for the staff of both practices, cost the NHS far more than the current building does, and might have involved moving to temporary accommodation for a period of time.

Our patients are at the heart of everything we do at the Jubilee practice. As a result of their concerns we have been looking at a possible solution which will enable the surgery to stay in the current site but to have a vastly improved building which is able to provide a greater range of services. We are currently working hard with the local CCG, NHS England and a team of professional advisers to deliver a solution that will meet the needs of the patients, the practices and the local community.

Once all parties are agreed on a solution, we are quickly able to engage contractors who can complete the building works in a matter of weeks. However before this starts we will hold local meetings to keep all patients fully informed of our plans and listen to ideas they have to contribute to the new building.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience during this project and look forward to delivering your improved surgery facilities.

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